“I launched MESO in September 2014 with the aim of bringing a little more colour and fun to what was otherwise a predominantly minimalist-inspired local design scene. My Indian heritage meant I grew up with an appreciation for vivid colours and fine workmanship and on trips with my family to India I always loved the way women layered their clothing and accessorized their outfits with beaded bags, stacks of rainbow-coloured bangles and dangling yellow gold earrings. And it’s these early influences that inspire my designs.”

 - Nabeeha Mohamed, creator of MESO


The MESO muse is a woman-on-the-go. Her day is busy and her time is precious so she wants a wardrobe that makes for easy choices AND comfort whilst still asserting her individuality and bold spirit. On most days she doesn’t have time to go home and get changed before those 7pm dinner plans on the other side of town, so wearing her MESO all she need do is change from her sneakers to her kitten heels, smack on a strong lip colour and WAH-LAH! There she is. Easy as the cherry pie she gobbled up at lunch.

MESO garments are all sewn in Cape Town, South Africa by a small team of dedicated seamstresses. We are a business that believes in slow, sustainable fashion and in supporting and building local industry.